Art Education: Comfortable With Ambiguity

Art Education: Comfortable with Ambiguity
Installation, 2 Sided Panel, 2 Channel Video, Audio, Objects, Digital Print on Various Media, and Plywood
190 X 250 X 90 cm

My background as an artist, sometimes a curator, and also part-time art teacher made me have a position as someone who was in the field of art and at the same time was responsible for the formal education system in the school. Thus, I have been interested to connect the broken line between contemporary art and the general public, especially for the students. Also, this work is related to several art projects that I have done in the past three years.

By using video performance work as the core of the work, I appropriated  the existing speech by Cindy Foley in her appearance at TEDx Columbus “Teaching art or teaching to think like an artist?” 

The effort to read this speech was made as a form of conveying my propositions as a critic and at the same time seeking solutions to the problems of art education in the global and regional domains. It is about how art education in formal schools only focused on concrete and pragmatic areas. Meanwhile, art today is often requiring artists and curator to work in the conceptual way and more focus on discourse domains. 

The speech was read in English, the speech was read stuttered, rigid, and dictated. the way I read it became the representation of how we keep struggled to have a common ground. It also the same on how contemporary art in Indonesia still much adapted from western art history. 

In the artistic aspect of this work installation, I made a two-sided panel; On one side, it represents my perspective as an educator who is looking for answers to the problem of art education, and on the other side I present the "empty" text (that made with lorem ipsum style) as a presentation of misalignment between contemporary art and its public.